Testimonials: What Our Advertisers Are Saying

"We have a great redemption rate with Saver's Digest coupons with visible sales increasing at least 10% when they come out. Our sales person is great & full of ideas to make our ad work better. As a result, it's our benefit to advertise monthly, season or off-season because Saver's Digest directly mails ours specials to the locals."

Bill Soleau, Fat Cat Tavern

"47.9% of the phone calls that we were getting from all of our advertising sources came from Saver's Digest and MOST of them weren't using the coupons! They were buying our other products and services! How did I know? We use a service that allows me to track every call that comes into every one of our stores from every advertising source (it even allows us to record incoming calls for quality control) so we could finally get a complete picture of where our advertising money is best spent and Saver's Digest is absolutely the BEST for our advertising goals!"

Jeff Woodruff, Husdon Tire

"As a business manager, I am constantly inundated by what seems like the most daily offering of the "latest & greatest" brand new local print publications. I've seen these "Fad" mailers & magazines come and go, but Saver's Digest has been a consistent presence & performer since day one. The Saver's Digest is and continues to be an excellence value in advertising dollars spent on leads to conversion to sales Harbor, FL."

Adam Vinson, S&W Kitchens

"We had such an Amazing response after our first ad! We had 14 potential new customers respond to our ad with Saver's Digest. Total revenue of $18,000 the first month of advertising in the Saver's Digest!. We have advertised in most publications in Tampa Bay and the BEST Direct mail publication with the BEST results is Saver's Digest."

Larry Crowly, Cutting Edge Granite

"We have been in business for 6 months & have been able to grow mostly due to advertising in Saver's Digest. We tried other coupon publications and had no response. Once we started with Saver's Digest, our business has increased and we made a profit off our ads. We would suggest to anyone just opening a business or has an existing business to try Saver's Digest, you will not be sorry, we were glad we chose them to build our business. Nancy has been acclaimed the "Best Pedicure in Palm Harbor" and Saver's Digest is helping us prove it."

Nancy & Dave Scheer, Nancy’s Nails

"Saver's Digest is the best bang for the buck based on cost and response. We will continue to advertise with Saver's Digest! Their service area coverage is extensive and the assistance I have received from their professional staff makes advertising simple. I recommend Saver's Digest to any business owner."

Robert Servino, Express Care Auto