A Song & A Prayer: The Story Behind the Company

The beginning of my career and founding of Response Media, Inc. was truly inspired by a song and a prayer. While employed as an advertising sales representative by an ad agency in Georgia, I typically left my home for an out of town work assignment on a Monday not to return until Friday. This faithful Monday in January of 1982 would change my life forever. As I was getting ready to leave on assignment, my then 2 year old son Josh grabbed me by the leg to prevent me from leaving. He knew I would be away working all week. But I had to go since I was the provider of the house. Getting into my car I inserted a music tape as usual, this one happened to be BJ Thomas Greatest Hits. As I drove across the Howard Frankland Bridge on my way to a marketing assignment in Altamonte Springs, the song “Mr. Businessman” started playing. By the time I got to the Hillsborough side of the bridge, these lyrics pierced my heart…

“Did you see your children growing up today,
and did you hear the music of their laughter as they set about to play?
Did you catch the fragrance of those roses in your garden?
Did the morning sunlight warm your soul
and brighten up your day?
Do you qualify to be a live
or is the limit of your senses so as only to survive?”

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Hearing those words was most difficult having just experienced not the “laughter of my children” but his tears and sorrow. It was nice to know I’d be missed and I would certainly miss my son but I had to work my assignment. So as I emotionally pondered the words in this song that I heard many times before, this time they had new meaning. I prayed for the Lord to give me an opportunity to have a career that would allow me to stay close to home all week long. That week in Altamonte Springs my prayers were answered. I was introduced to direct mail advertising for the very first time and within a couple of months, I seized the opportunity to get into the business on April 13th, 1982.

So truly the company was founded on a song and a prayer of faith and the company exists today on that very combination. By and through this company, thousands of people and businesses have been touched and blessed by it. Personal challenges were met and overcome, financial successes were shared, hope was restored, faith in God was acknowledged in our personal lives and He is honored in our company. And in all these 34+ years, we have preserved our reputation, performed our services honorably and made thousands of friends along the way…by God’s grace we have done well and we’re not done yet!

So the lyrics to the song “Mr. Businessman” mean something to us. Here is the song for you to enjoy. It is what inspired me to begin Response Media, Inc and begin a journey to help people and businesses. Join our journey and let us help your business! Click the play button and turn your speakers on!