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What People Do With Their Mail…

Every day in nearly every household in the country, consumers pick up and sort their mail, read and save pieces of interest. It is this piece by piece seeing, sorting and saving process that makes the Saver’s Digest direct mail such a powerful advertising medium.

Studies have shown Direct Mail coupon magazines are looked at, read immediately or set aside for later reading by 78% of all households. Other advertising vehicles are hit and miss but with Saver’s Digest,everyone has a mailbox and we are in most of them! With our website, your message reaches your market like no other. With Saver’s Digest magazine and on the Internet, “We’re in Your Space and in Your Face”

Our loyal readers live and work in the greater Tampa Bay Area. Including Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco Counties. We mail the best communities to insure maximum readership.

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